BMW Service and Repair Packages Please enter your last 7 or 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to determine the status of your BMW.


*Package may expire by mileage threshold or time period, whatever comes first, please check correct package expiry date with your dealer.


Service inclusive and/or Repair inclusive are BMW Service Inclusive and BMW Repair Inclusive (BSI/BRI packages), especially designed for BMW/MINI and BMWi Customer's comfort and convenience to drive your car with No WORRIES about vehicle services, maintenance and repairs cost.

Customer can buy a BSI (Service inclusive) package at the time of new car purchase as well as before service due. Various packages available with different coverage scope, Minimum package starts from 3 years/40000 km to goes till 10 year/200000 km. Please contact your nearest BMW dealer for more details. Newcar packages starts from warranty start date.

We also have introduced service inclusive package for older cars, they can purchase BSI (Service inclusive package at any time with or without service due. Minimum package starts from 3 years/40000 km to goes till 10 year/200000 km. Please contact your nearest BMW dealer for more details. Oldcar/used car packages starts from package purchase date.

A BRI package can be purchased only if the vehicle is under the valid warranty period. BRI packages are available up to 6th year of vehicle age from warranty start date. Please contact your nearest BMW Dealer for more details.

A BSI package covers only the service and / or maintenance jobs as per vehicle CBS (condition base service). We have various range of BSI packages designed for different customer needs. It starts from Oil services (OSI), covers Basic services (BSI Basic) and also maintenance i.e. wear and tear (BSI Plus). A scope of services under each respective package is detailed in BSI brochure, available online at our official website or you can ask dealer for the same.

Sensors and special algorithms monitor the conditions in which the vehicle is used. CBS uses this information to determine the maintenance requirement. The system thus enables the scope of the maintenance work to be adapted to the individual usage profile.

RI (Repair Inclusive) also known as Repair inclusive, is designed as an extension of warranty. Repair scope under BRI package is same as vehicle warranty. There is a list of exclusions outlined in BSI broacher, containing wear and tear as well as non-manufacturing defect, which does not fall into BRI purview. These exclusions list also available in BSI brochure.

If your service is as per CBS and that portion is covered in your package scope it will be covered under your SI package. Please ask your nearest dealer for scope of services at the time of package purchase, you can also verify the same with BSI certificate/Brochure.

BRI is simply an extension of warranty services. The scope is also as wide as warranty is. Like warranty it also ensure to cover manufacturing defects under the scope. But do consider the exclusion list mentioned in BSI broacher to find out more.

Please contact your nearest dealer to buy new/ upgrade RI/SI package. You can also share your interest via BMW app, which is accessible from App Store (I-Phone) and Play Store (Android).

NewCar SI packages starts with warranty start date, where Usedcar SI package stars with package registration date, both expire if any of threshold reaches i.e. vehicle age or mileage. Customer need to contact nearest dealer to get the all details about package to be upgraded. You can request for an upgrade your service inclusive package before expiry of existing packages we also provide grace period for service inclusive package to be upgrade up to 9 months from date of expiry. You need talk to your nearest BMW Dealer around you. Renewal is restricted up to next available higher package.

During the warranty validity, any customer can purchase RI or repair inclusive package and same can be extended to next available higher package during package runtime, post this period BRI package cannot be renewed. Renewal is restricted up to next available higher package.

Upgrade is referred as a package renewal process, where you can opt for a higher package with just paying the difference between existing package and desired packages. BSI and /or BRI package can be upgraded into package runtime. Upgrade is possible only with higher packages. Please contact your nearest dealer for more information.

Yes, you can go for a cancellation any time within first 8 weeks from purchase date, and provided no services have been availed under any package for which cancellation is requested. No cancellation/refund will be provided post above time lines.

There are many benefits to customer, some of them are outlined below:

Complete cost control

If you have complete package security, you do not need to worry for maintenance cost anymore; which means, no worries about getting overcharged.

No worry about part price fluctuation, labour rate or taxes any more.

Fully flexible

We have developed different packages for different customer requirements such as, if you choose to buy the package in first month, you can buy at reduced rate.

Multiple combinations of KMs and age possible, from 3 year 40,000 KMs to 10 year, 200,000 KMs as per your requirement. If you maintained high running of vehicle, we offer business packages, if you want to associate with BSI packages we have Usedcar packages for you, it starts from the date of package purchase itself. Multiple combinations of KMs and age possible, from 3 year 40,000 KMs to 10 year, 200,000 KMs as per your requirement.

Easy Transferable

It can be transferable to next vehicle owner. This way it increase your reselling cost. 45 Days of cancelation possibility, if no services availed.

Vast Presence

Nationwide validity of packages. You can visit any dealer and get the services done.

Upgrade / extension is possible as per convenience.

In totality Investment vs return is great. You are also getting additional part warranty for every replacement made under extended warranty package. So in nutshell, more benefits and less worry.